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Nutrition Review: Elevate Me! Bars

March 6th, 2011

Recently I received a variety pack of ‘Elevate Me!’ energy bars (in Cocoa Coconut Cluster flavour) from Impact Magazine to try out. Elevate Me! Energy Bars are natural protein and whole fruit energy bars.  And are a natural alternative to synthetic protein bars, blended for people who read ingredient labels! Each 66 gram bar (divided into o 3 pieces per bar) is:

  • box cocoa 300x113 Nutrition Review: Elevate Me! Barsgluten-free, wheat-free
  • 24% protein (whey isolate)
  • cold-formed, not baked
  • low-fat, high fiber


They contain no added sweeteners, preservatives or flavours and come in 8 deliciously unique flavours.  All of the flavours start with a base of whey protein isolate, date, and organic raisins.  A variety of additional ingredients are added to make up the different flavours.

So?  How do they taste?

The answer is, pretty darn good actually.  They have “raw” and homemade flavour to them and a dry but chewy consistency.  The addition of coca to the Cocoa Coconut Cluster makes them taste more like treats tha

n a healthy protein bar.  I like that they are portioned into 3 pieces so that you can easily match the nutritional information to the amount you have eaten.

One bar was a great pre-workout snack that leaves me feeling satisfied and not stuffed.  I also tried portions of the bars as a post-workout snack or when I needed something between meals.  The compact bar made them a great meal on the go.

ElevateMeBarNutritionalInfo1 188x300 Nutrition Review: Elevate Me! Bars

Ingredients: whey protein isolate, dates, organic raisins †, apples, cranberries (cranberries, cane sugar, sunflower oil), almonds *, organic coconut ††, organic fair trade cocoa †††



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