Workouts5-4-3-2-1 Step-Down In this hybrid workout, your pace picks up while the length of time you run fast decreases.  Warm up with an easy mile or two, then run a little faster than tempo pace (about 30 seconds slower than 5-K pace) for five minutes. Recover with five easy minutes.  Then proceed down the ladder, gradually picking up the pace of the faster segments and recovering with an equal number of minutes jogging.
Progressive Tempo Run  Rather than hammering away at tempo-run pace for 25 minutes, ease into it.  After a 10 to 15 minute warm-up, run the first 5 minutes at a slightly faster than easy run pace, then pick up the pace slightly every five minutes.  Arrive at your normal tempo pace only in the last five minute segment.
400 Meters with Double Recovery  After warming up, run six to eight 400 meter repeats with each about 10 seconds faster than 5k race pace, but instead of 90 seconds to two minutes of jogging recovery, give yourself some extra rest by jogging three to four minutes between each effort.